Sunday, August 21, 2011


I don't know why I try to change my personality, I am who I am... if you wanna laugh at me or be annoyed with me... why be my friends in the first place? Here's me: depressed, lonely, control freak, think I'm smarter than you before I know you and typically know I am after I know you(this may sound arrogant but I'm actually quite self-loathing,) I know what I want in order to be happy but realize that I will almost never have it. YES.. most of these traits are why I'm lonely and depressed but oh well.. that's me take it or leave it! P.S. I LOVE BEER!!!!


  1. keep it together man, even though i can't relate I have been depressed before for a good 2 years. just hang on and keep drinkin that beer