Tuesday, September 27, 2011


DAMMIT! Well I am going to court Again on Thursday. Oh BTW sorry for the hiatus, I have been distracted by quite a few things lately. First I have been trying to get my car(’88 Acura legend) in working condition for winter. Started by changing the starter, which is normally no problem except that the moron who last changed it cross threaded one of the mounting bolts into the aluminum block. Then I moved on to re-sealing the oil pan…. Normally a simple task…. Not so much! First a frame cross member, with a transmission stabilizer on it had to be removed, not difficult just 8 bolts. However make sure not to allow it to bend out of shape. Next came the exhaust, my exhaust happens to wrap very tightly to the oil pan. This took a good amount of PB Blaster, anyway I got the exhaust out of the way and removed the 20 oil pan bolts, got the pan off and spent about an hour and a half cleaning old RTV off the pan and block. Put some new RTV on, hand tightened the bolts then an hour later put another half turn on them and let the car sit for about 36 hours… Problem is I forgot to go back and do a final tighten….. lol dumbass… needless to say my oil is currently still leaking until I can get everything torn back apart and put a final torque on the bolts. Also changed some simple items like the plugs, pcv, and fuel filter. Normally you don’t really hear people complain about a fuel filter… well on a 23 yar old fuel line using a flare fitting, it’s a little more difficult. Normally I would say to cut the end off the line, put a new flare and a new inline bolt… well I don’t currently have a line cutter, flare tool or the correct bolt available… go figure… SO after using a file to put all new edges on the bolt, I decided to try using an O-ring to seal the old flare… IT WORKED for now lol, lets hope it withstands both the fuel and pressure!
            Next came the problems with being out of multiple prescriptions. Bing out of either of the two is bad, but being out of both was terrible. I was without my thyroid medicine for two weeks, and drastically low on one of my insulins for about a week. Not that I was just being lazy or anything, my docs just happen to think that it is there decision to allow me to nearly die rather than write me a refill. So I had to dish out even more money for a Dr. visit and blood tests. Then it took all weekend to get my prescriptions in… Damn pharmacy only being open Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm.
            Also is the part that I am being sued by a collection agency for when I almost died a couple years ago. Apparently I owe these guys around $3500 and $1000 of it is interest!!! How the hell do you charge that much interest in less than 3 years? I was on a low income care program at the time of being in the hospital and was told that I was covered. Turns out that I was only covered for the hospital stay, not the radiology, the ER, or any other separate charges from within the same building…. At least they didn’t charge me the full ridiculous cost of their food… I think I remember seeing the bill say something like $1500+ for the food on a three day stay… I don’t spend that much in four months by myself!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Day! Always Back up your files DAMMIT!

The day started out bad enough having a migraine... Then I get out of bed to slam my foot into my toolbox that happened to be sitting next to my bed instead of where it was suppose to be. Then I realize that my back isn't just sore, its my kidneys hurting. Well I end up spending the day in the hospital only to be told that there best guess is that it was a mild case of ketoacidosis. I get home to find a few missed calls and an upset voicemail from my boss, which made me realize I forgot to call him this morning. Well it got even worse when I turned my computer on... MY DAMN HARD DRIVE FRIED!!!!!! Hundreds of Movies, TV shows, Anime, Music... ALL GONE! At least my music was backed up to an external, however I lost over a terabyte worth of video! I always tell people to back up whats important, I just happened to not have enough money to buy another hard drive large enough to back it all up. I might try online back up now... not sure on the pricing though.... I've seen a lot of different ones out there, just been hesitant to use them for personal media. Any recommendations?

Thursday, September 1, 2011


First comes the thirst, a thirst so bad that no amount of water can
quench it. You'll drink a glass of water and for a slight moment feel
satisfied, then its gone. You find yourself drinking so much water that
you can't possibly drink any more. It feels like you ate both
Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner's on the same day. Well then you
start peeing like you cant hold your bladder. Every few minutes your in
the bathroom. And these are the easy things to deal with. After a while
you start feeling tired for no reason, just finding it hard to keep
your eyes open during the day. Slowly your senses grow feint, for me it
starts with my sense of taste. As I become more and more dehydrated
(despite the water intake.)  Then I start to feel the muscle aches,
they start as if you had worked out pretty hard a few days ago they're
almost healed. But it soon turns into a full body muscle cramp. Anybody
who has felt the effects of lactic acidosis from working out too much
can take a small sense of the feeling. Now hopefully by this point you
have gone to the hospital! It will depend on how fast the symptoms
occur. Sometimes its over a few days, sometimes a few hours. I myself
have gone far past this point unfortunately. When I was first diagnosed
with diabetes, I had no idea what was wrong with me. I was barely
conscious(but was on my own feet,) my tongue was split open from
dehydration, and I was in severe pain. It turned out that my blood
sugar was over 1000. The local hospital said it was the highest they
have ever seen with the person still conscious and not in a coma. A
normal blood sugar is between 80-120. After
a few days in there I went back to school to finish up my senior year
of high school. It took nearly a month for test results to come back
telling me that I was a type 1 that would have to take 5 shots a day
for the rest of my life.  Oh well, I dealt. There were a couple other
times I was hospitalized with ketoacidosis. One being almost three
years ago now. I had just been laid off from working at the local
Harley-Davidson dealership due to the economy, when I started feeling
some mind acidosis. I compensated with insulin(so I thought) and my
blood sugar numbers were in the low 200's. Then I started getting pains
in my lower back, my kidneys. I thought I must have just slept wrong.
That is until the next day when I couldn't even lay down in bed without
severe pain. So I had my brother take me to the hospital. It turns out
that I was basically dead.... still walked in on my own, at least to
the entrance. Apparently my kidneys had both shutdown and the doctors
didn't think I was going to make it through the night. I don't really
remember much but was told that both friends and family came to say
their goodbyes. Well needless to say, I didn't die.... I woke up late
that night with a terrible urge to pee.  I swung my leg over the side
of the bed, very delirious, then noticed that i had multiple IV's and
can just remember when I looked down thinking to myself "Thats my
junk.... What the hell? Where are my boxers?" Apparently the doctors
told my family to take all of my clothes home because I wasn't going to
make it through the night. Two days later I was out and still feeling
so shitty that I didn't even drive my own car(if you know me that
doesn't happen.) Anyway, three more months went by without incident
until I got some kind of mystery infection, no idea where or what, that
cased another bout of ketoacidosis. This time I spent about 14 hours in
the ICU before I made them release me. What kind of doctor tells you
that you have an infection strong enough to bring on ketoacidosis, yet
at the same time can't find it and wont put you on any antibiotics for
it? Now I tell people that unless I'm unconscious, I will not go to a
hospital for myself! Pretty bad huh?