Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Day! Always Back up your files DAMMIT!

The day started out bad enough having a migraine... Then I get out of bed to slam my foot into my toolbox that happened to be sitting next to my bed instead of where it was suppose to be. Then I realize that my back isn't just sore, its my kidneys hurting. Well I end up spending the day in the hospital only to be told that there best guess is that it was a mild case of ketoacidosis. I get home to find a few missed calls and an upset voicemail from my boss, which made me realize I forgot to call him this morning. Well it got even worse when I turned my computer on... MY DAMN HARD DRIVE FRIED!!!!!! Hundreds of Movies, TV shows, Anime, Music... ALL GONE! At least my music was backed up to an external, however I lost over a terabyte worth of video! I always tell people to back up whats important, I just happened to not have enough money to buy another hard drive large enough to back it all up. I might try online back up now... not sure on the pricing though.... I've seen a lot of different ones out there, just been hesitant to use them for personal media. Any recommendations?


  1. Mediafire lets you store and download files for free. If you want to do a terabyte though that might cost you extra. Or you could make a ton of free accounts if your feeling super cheap.

  2. dude I hate to say it but Carbonite is worth it. I know you hate paying for that stuff and I do to. I thought it was one of those gimmicky radio 640 commercials but its worth the 59/yr. Cheaper then a back up hard drive and its off site so you don't have to worry about it. It's got a free trial but I liked it so I'm sure you will since we have the same prefrences.