Monday, October 10, 2011

Great Weekend!

This weekend started out like many others, having to go in to work on a Saturday. Then I was just sitting at home messing around on the internet, getting car insurance quotes. Yes after a summer of riding the Harley, Winter is here and its time to get the car legal to drive again. That means insurance and plates, which are going to cost me more than my car is worth. But it has to be done.... Well anyway back to my great weekend... Later on that night around 8 or so I got a call from a friend to come drink... All I said was "you buying?" and he said "its already here!" Alright, time to drink! Then I remembered that his old lady's birthday was a couple days away, all the better to have more fun. The night started out talking with everybody for about a half hour or so, but then we decided to play quarters. For those that don't know what that is, its a drinking game with the objective of bouncing a quarter into a shot glass and if you make it you get to decide on somebody to drink and how many drinks they have to take. Well lets just say that you end up getting pretty drunk. After enough people had given up on the game it got a lot more interesting! A couple girls at the party were getting kinda frisky, so all the guys wanted to see them make out. Well, they were a little hesitant to act. So we decided to play a game of strip quarters! With the rules being that if you make the quarter in the shot glass, you get to decide on a piece of clothing that somebody took off. Lets just say that it is a bad idea to challenge guys to this kind of contest when they want to see some flesh ;)... Everything went great, girls ended up losing and took off everything except their panties. So instead of taking them off they agreed to make out! Like I said, GREAT weekend! Friends, beer, fun and titties!


  1. I need to winterize my car as well... Sounds like an awesome party though :)