Friday, October 14, 2011

School Or Not

I've been trying to decide on whether or not to go back to school for quite a long time now. Its been over 8 years since high school, and I could definitely use a better paying job. However, I've never really had a set thing that I wanted to do as a career. Back in junior high I wanted to be an artist. I had many art class and even had some of it feature on display in places. I was never a really creative artist, I was just really good at seeing something and recreating it on paper, or some other medium. The teacers said it had to do with being a left brain or right brain person. From what they said, one draws from imagination and the other draws a line to an exact degree. I can't remember which is which though. Later on in the early years of high school, I had wanted to become an architect. To me it was like being an artist who uses the same thinking as I used. I have also always been good with numbers and designing. I had looked into many schools, however always knew that I would never be able to attend any decent schools. We grew up poor, and I mean very poor! I looked into grants, loans, and scholarships but didn't qualify for anything but the grants. Finally by the time I was in my senior year of high school, I had decided that I wanted to go to school for mechanical engineering. I checked around and looked at tuition costs, then realized I was even worse off than with architecture. The thing was that I REALLY wanted to go to school for this. While trying to find a low cost education in this field, a random internet search brought up a local school for becoming an automobile mechanic. I looked into it and thought that it was close to the idea(after thought was that I was out of my mind.) I enrolled in that school, got my grants and even a small scholarship(very small) and was set to go to school. Then I graduated and realized that I might be able to afford the tuition but not living there. I had left my job before my senior year and was not able to find anther that would work with my school schedule. So I was unable to save up the move and a few months rent and living expenses. So I had to call the school and tell them the situation and that I would not be attending. Since then I have been working, working, and working some more. All the while with the thought of trying to go back to school. I would still love to learn mechanical engineering, but I still have the problem of money. I even qualify for less than I did back then. I am very proficient with computers even though being self taught. So my friends suggested I go to school for that at the local community college, and for awhile I thought I was going to do that. But for as much as I love messing around with computers, I really dont want to go to school for it. At this point if I go to school its either going to be for mechanical engineering or nothing! Hope you enjoyed my rant!


  1. You should go back. In today's economy and situation, education is a necessity.

  2. I'm always for people going back to school. It's never too late,to work on yourself and do some more education.
    I myself had to work during college in order to get through school, so I think you can do it too, especially if, unlike me, you live in USA, which gives you more opportunities.
    Follow your dreams, don't let them just pass...

  3. you should def do it, but do some soul-searching and think about what you'd most love to do and can be paid for.