Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Computer

32" and 22"(22" has been replaced by a newer model)

So for a long time I was the computer guy of my little group of friends.  I had virtually built my dream build so many times that I knew what was good and what wasn’t. I knew what went well with something else. I knew the right numbers for everything. Then when I got laid off from work I had one last paycheck to buy the computer I had been planning for the prior two or more years. I decided to go with a better price to performance ratio and built and AMD system. At that time the best processor was the Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition. I built my system around this. I bought a decent motherboard at the time, It was a Foxconn A7DA S 3.0. I initially bought 4GB of G.Skill RAM, and went with a nice Zalman pure black pearl nickel plated copper heatsink. I decided to sacrifice directx 11 for a more powerful card when it came to graphics. I bought the Sapphire ATI Radeon  HD 4890 Vapor-X. The Vapor-X is a special cooler design by Sapphire that is basically a block with the same principal as a heat-pipe.  I was very pleased by this card and as a matter of fact I still am. The only other parts I didn’t upgrade and still haven’t were the power supply and the case. I had already had a 700w Apevia PSU and an old Alienware full tower case.  I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 and overclocked it to 3885 mhz, and was set. Tell me what you think!
Right after build

Needs Cleaned

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Monday, November 21, 2011


 Well, I don't know if anybody knows this already, but when a person with diabetes gets high blood sugar for awhile their attitude will tend to change. I'm diabetic and still don't know the exact reasons, but it has something to do with brain chemistry and the amount of blood glucose. Anyway, I have a bad tendency of having mood swings, and completely not being able to suppress my anger and going off on people to being completely chilled out. Its like when somebody says something that normally you would just ignore as it being stupidly annoying, I will tell them that they are a completely idiotic moron who needs to start cutting themselves in a corner because they are a complete drain on society and their very existence brings down the IQ of everybody within a one mile radius by at least 20 points.

So, this week at work I had a customer who had the audacity to start accusing me of ripping him off after I had just given him a $20 product for free. Basically we got into an argument about how he had brought in an item, without a receipt, that was two years old and not working saying how he shouldn't have to pay for an item that didn't work and was only a couple weeks old. I told him that first off the item was not a couple weeks old, it was around 2 years old based off of the labeling and how it is not my fault that he decided to open a product with a shelf life, so long after it had been purchased. I also went on to tell him that our 100% guarantee is 90 days! Yet I still told him that I had just given him what he had fucking asked for, a replacement product even though he did not have even have a receipt. Yes, the item was from our store..... No, it did not work...... Did he buy it within 90 day? NO....

From that point I was about to lose complete control. I was yelling at this guy, and he basically ran out the door calling me a thief as told him to take it up with the owner if he was not satisfied that I had given him something for free.

Rage:  noun \ˈrāj\

 1. a: violent and uncontrolled anger
     b: a fit of violent wrath
     c: archaic : insanity
2: Violent action (as of wind or sea)
3: an intense feeling : Passion

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Harley

Ok, so I have always been into motorcycles. Ever since I was young and saw my first Harley-Davidson on the street, I wanted one. When I got into high school and got my license I really wanted one, but we were poor and with my job I could barely afford a crappy Ford Probe. Yes, my first car was a 1990 Ford Probe GL, it was bright red and had a manual transmission. Back in high school I loved that car but can't even stand the thought of it anymore. Anyway, I ended up getting my first motorcycle a couple years after I graduated, it was a 1991 Kawasaki ZX600D (Ninja.) I picked it up from a guy I worked with for $500 with no title and not have been running for about 2 years. I got it running but was never able to get it legal and as a result never rode it that much on the streets. A couple years later when I was making better money, had a roommate to help with bills and could afford it, the opportunity arose for me to look at some Harley's. A co-worker at the time had just purchased his 2003 Sportster 100th anniversary edition and was showing it off when I decided, screw this, its time for me to have my Harley. I went down to the local Harley-Davidson dealer to look at some bikes. At this time I didn't know crap about Harley's, I didn't even know anything more than a couple names of them. But I couldn't tell you any differences between them or tell you which was which. When I got there, a salesman automatically saw me and started showing me some of the used bikes. He asked how much I was looking at spending and tried talking me into this ugly yellow Fatboy. Dont get me wrong, it was a very nice bike. However I was not interested in a yellow bike, I wanted a black bike! We kept looking and finally something caught my eye. It was a little smaller than the Fatboy, but it was bigger than the Sportsters the salesman was pointing out. (BTW, if you are even halfway larger than an average female, I would not recommend a Sportster. You might be content for a while but will shortly want something bigger. Having made your initial purchase the wrong decision. Its one thing with bike that cost a little less, but not a Harley. If you are wanting a bike to learn on, I would recommend buy a less expensive bike to start with, then upgrade.) It was a Dyna Super Glide, Not the fanciest bike but it had a good design and I saw potential!

Stock Photo 2006 H-D FXDI
 The first thing I did was buy a new seat and passenger pegs, so that I could give people rides. From there I decided to change the handle bars, the stock bars were comfortable to ride with but I didn't exactly like the look. I changed them out for some drag bars. This changed the look of the bike for the better. Next was the rear shocks, I threw on some lowered progressive shocks that gave the bike a better center of gravity and more aggressive feel.
Next was the exhaust system. The stock Harley exhaust system is built for a near whisper quiet sound and that had to go! I wanted my bike to rumble like a Harley should. I decided on a down sweeping short pipe by Vance&Hines called the Sideshots. Thats what I left it at for a while, adding small things here and there like some tear drop mirrors by Arlen Ness.

In 2008 I had an accident and the bike was nearly totaled. At that time I worked for the dealership I had purchased the bike from, and they hooked me up with my employee discount on the repairs. I ended up getting all new 2009 parts for the bike, including the Street Bob short rear fender and sparto tail light. The speedometer was also updated to include the 6th gear indicator and clock. I also put some of my own money into it and bought an underdrive pulley for the belt drive. The tech hooked me up with a Softail outer primary black cover and black forward controls. He got the same style handle bar setup, only he replaced all the chrome with black per my request. The exhaust was also replaced with black heat shield setup and baffles removed for an even aggressive sound. In the end, I was very satisfied with the end result!

Current Look!

I have had my Harley now for a little over 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of it!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Pile up in the UK

I was looking through some world news and came across this. Is it bad that the only thing I really cared about is the fact that the UK apparently uses miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour. Listen to the news broadcaster about 2/3rds the way in talking about the possible switch to 80 mph.