Monday, November 21, 2011


 Well, I don't know if anybody knows this already, but when a person with diabetes gets high blood sugar for awhile their attitude will tend to change. I'm diabetic and still don't know the exact reasons, but it has something to do with brain chemistry and the amount of blood glucose. Anyway, I have a bad tendency of having mood swings, and completely not being able to suppress my anger and going off on people to being completely chilled out. Its like when somebody says something that normally you would just ignore as it being stupidly annoying, I will tell them that they are a completely idiotic moron who needs to start cutting themselves in a corner because they are a complete drain on society and their very existence brings down the IQ of everybody within a one mile radius by at least 20 points.

So, this week at work I had a customer who had the audacity to start accusing me of ripping him off after I had just given him a $20 product for free. Basically we got into an argument about how he had brought in an item, without a receipt, that was two years old and not working saying how he shouldn't have to pay for an item that didn't work and was only a couple weeks old. I told him that first off the item was not a couple weeks old, it was around 2 years old based off of the labeling and how it is not my fault that he decided to open a product with a shelf life, so long after it had been purchased. I also went on to tell him that our 100% guarantee is 90 days! Yet I still told him that I had just given him what he had fucking asked for, a replacement product even though he did not have even have a receipt. Yes, the item was from our store..... No, it did not work...... Did he buy it within 90 day? NO....

From that point I was about to lose complete control. I was yelling at this guy, and he basically ran out the door calling me a thief as told him to take it up with the owner if he was not satisfied that I had given him something for free.

Rage:  noun \ˈrāj\

 1. a: violent and uncontrolled anger
     b: a fit of violent wrath
     c: archaic : insanity
2: Violent action (as of wind or sea)
3: an intense feeling : Passion


  1. Hey Im glad I stumbled on your blog... my girlfriend is type 1 as well.... and she definitely gets the mood swings when she is all high also.

  2. The people who tell you the customer is always right are lying to you and speaking nothing but untruth. I would say those kinds of things to people if I just had the balls lol. There are a lot of people I think are a drain on the collective IQ of everyone around them and are so fucking dumb they cause an intelligence vacuum.

  3. I'm not diabetic and I get pissed off with people at work. Some people need a good telling, simple as that.

  4. Agreed. The customer is typically wrong.

  5. Ive been through the same type of thing. Worked at Target years ago. Customer would try to return something against store policy to return. Id say sorry cant do it. Theyd yell for a manager who would promptly let them return it. It would happen every single time...I hated that manager.

  6. some of us know it all to well