Sunday, December 18, 2011

Traffic Class

So I just got back from my court mandated, level 1 traffic class. I paid $60 for a one time 8 hour class that was suppose to be about traffic. Well it was interesting to say the least. It started out with pairing off with another person and getting to know some things about them. Well I got paired off with a sexy girl who I couldn't help but flirt with. From there we just had to tell the rest of the class what we learned about the other person and explain what we did to be in the class.And that was the extent of talking about traffic. The rest of the class consisted of learning how to classify people by colors and personalities. And a bit of flirting between the sexy girl and myself. We had took a break from class for an hour long lunch session with which time the sexy girl and myself sat in her car talking. Well come to find out she was only 17.... DAMN IT!!! Why do girls have to look older than they actually are these days?! So disappointed as I was I kept talking with her, because she was a nice person and I didn't want to seem rude. We went back to the class, still kinda chatting to each other. Learned a bunch of more useless stuff that sounded very similar to astrological classifications, and something about logos ethos and pathos, and the butterfly effect. Got my certificate of attendance and watched the girl give her number to another guy... Lesson is, ask for a girls ID before flirting?


  1. ahh traffic class...

  2. what a very educational class though it sounds boring so it was a good thing you met this girl who kept you company, too bad she's just 17 though. : )