Sunday, January 15, 2012


I started this blog a few months ago as a place to post some of my own thoughts and as a place to vent instead of doing it on facebook or the like. As I was setting it up I noticed the monetize tab and figured sure why not. Well I noticed a small amount coming in and was happy, I'm a low wage worker that can always use some extra cash. About a week later I started a second blog for anime reviews, I am a major anime fan! The anime blog took off fairly well and I soon had 2 blogs earning me money and allowing me write about my thoughts and share the anime I have enjoyed. I even decided to buy a domain for the anime site since it was doing well. It is my more successful blog. I started earning even more money and that was awesome. I had read that google had a tendency to arbitrarily ban people for any reason so I created privacy policies, and disclaimers to make sure I was following every rule I could. I monitored my adsense account daily to make sure everything was alright, and well to see how much money I was making. Well, a couple days ago I went to check my account and it said that it was disabled. I checked my email only to see that apparently I was banned for being a risk of invalid activity. This is ridiculous, all of a sudden after about 5 months of writing articles and reviews I am deemed a risk? What exactly has made me a risk? My blogs have drawn followers and i get a few views on this one, and quite a bit on my anime reviews. WTF! Now the money I was expecting at the end of this month, to pay bills, is gone. All because they probably just didn't want to pay. Well, we'll see.... I am in the middle of trying to appeal, wish me luck! From what I have read on the adsense blog comments, its not very likely. I will still post on here even if they screw me, I still need a place to vent after all.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


So yesterday I had the ignition interlock device installed in my car, but it almost didn't happen. The night before my scheduled appointment to have it installed, I found out that my car has a power draw somewhere. Dead battery, nobody had a strong enough battery to jump start my car, and even if it did start it would be dead by morning. I spent a good 6-7hrs reading wiring diagrams and trying to pinpoint the draw, then narrowed it down to the a/c system. Well I pulled power to the entire system and went and bought a battery charger. Oh yeah... I already had a battery charger, but when I turned it on it decided to go ape shit starter throwing sparks everywhere. Anyway, the interlock is now in the car. I have to say though that it is mostly due to myself that it was installed at all. The guy installing it was not the most competent and would constantly stop what he was doing to chat or do stuff for other people.The device is a breathalyzer that must be used before starting your car and intermittently while driving. It takes longer than a standard BA and you also have to suck in at one point during the test. But, if having this in my car will allow me to drve and get my license back sooner, I am more than willing to give it a shot.

Oh Hi, Its me again!

I took my little break for the holidays from this blog, and I am thinking its time get it started up again. However the posts wont be at set intervals. Its pretty much going to be when I get the chance to post that you'll see something. I will be starting on classes here shortly along with some mandatory steps required by the law. So stay tuned and you will get some stuff I find interesting.