Sunday, January 15, 2012


I started this blog a few months ago as a place to post some of my own thoughts and as a place to vent instead of doing it on facebook or the like. As I was setting it up I noticed the monetize tab and figured sure why not. Well I noticed a small amount coming in and was happy, I'm a low wage worker that can always use some extra cash. About a week later I started a second blog for anime reviews, I am a major anime fan! The anime blog took off fairly well and I soon had 2 blogs earning me money and allowing me write about my thoughts and share the anime I have enjoyed. I even decided to buy a domain for the anime site since it was doing well. It is my more successful blog. I started earning even more money and that was awesome. I had read that google had a tendency to arbitrarily ban people for any reason so I created privacy policies, and disclaimers to make sure I was following every rule I could. I monitored my adsense account daily to make sure everything was alright, and well to see how much money I was making. Well, a couple days ago I went to check my account and it said that it was disabled. I checked my email only to see that apparently I was banned for being a risk of invalid activity. This is ridiculous, all of a sudden after about 5 months of writing articles and reviews I am deemed a risk? What exactly has made me a risk? My blogs have drawn followers and i get a few views on this one, and quite a bit on my anime reviews. WTF! Now the money I was expecting at the end of this month, to pay bills, is gone. All because they probably just didn't want to pay. Well, we'll see.... I am in the middle of trying to appeal, wish me luck! From what I have read on the adsense blog comments, its not very likely. I will still post on here even if they screw me, I still need a place to vent after all.


  1. I hope it goes well. Usually a "risk" is someone who has a high concentration of clicks per views. Even if it's legit, their bots will pick up on it.

  2. I didn't know there was money in this, how does that happen?