Thursday, January 5, 2012


So yesterday I had the ignition interlock device installed in my car, but it almost didn't happen. The night before my scheduled appointment to have it installed, I found out that my car has a power draw somewhere. Dead battery, nobody had a strong enough battery to jump start my car, and even if it did start it would be dead by morning. I spent a good 6-7hrs reading wiring diagrams and trying to pinpoint the draw, then narrowed it down to the a/c system. Well I pulled power to the entire system and went and bought a battery charger. Oh yeah... I already had a battery charger, but when I turned it on it decided to go ape shit starter throwing sparks everywhere. Anyway, the interlock is now in the car. I have to say though that it is mostly due to myself that it was installed at all. The guy installing it was not the most competent and would constantly stop what he was doing to chat or do stuff for other people.The device is a breathalyzer that must be used before starting your car and intermittently while driving. It takes longer than a standard BA and you also have to suck in at one point during the test. But, if having this in my car will allow me to drve and get my license back sooner, I am more than willing to give it a shot.


  1. Those things exist? Good luck getting license back sooner too though. Glad you got it sorted.

  2. Ya that's messed up bro, well this pushes things forward a little for ya.